Bone broth is a fertility superfood!

Bone broth offers a source of nutrients that can otherwise be lacking in our diets. The bones, skin and connective tissues are rich in protein, gelatine, collagen, glycine and minerals. Bones contain more minerals per gram than any other body tissue and broth made from bones is full of these minerals as they leach into the cooking liquid as it simmers.

Collagen and gelatine

These proteins are rich sources of glycine, which is essential to obtain from your diet during pregnancy. Glycine is an amino acid needed for foetal DNA and collagen synthesis. It also helps your body grow and adapt to pregnancy.

The best sources of glycine include bone broth, slow-cooked meat and skin-on, bone-in poultry. Bone broth offers an easy way of making sure you’re getting enough glycine. It’s relatively simply to make, but does take time and I consider it a bit of a faff.

That’s why I prefer to buy bone broth and my favourite brand is Freja. A good broth will solidify and gel when chilled because the prolonged simmering in water helps to release amino acids and collagen from cartilage-rich joints and Freja does that! The gelatine-rich broth yields beautiful body to any soups or sauces made from the broth.

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Bone broth should be a staple in any kitchen

I use bone broth daily in cooking, it adds depth of flavour and goodness to a range of recipes. I like to add a splash to curry, chilli and bolognese, and of course I use it to make soup.

When you have good stock, you can make good soup – Martin Yan

Stock isn’t essential for every soup, but it will improve almost any soup by adding bags of flavour. Join The Fertility Kitchen Recipe Hub and try these delicious recipes:

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  1. Laura says:

    I absolutely love this recommendation and addition to my diet.
    It’s so easy to add and the benefits (you’ve kindly listed) are huge. Yummy too!
    Thank you for always striving to make fertility nutrition easy for us all Charlotte x

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